Sling Health (formerly IDEA Labs) is a student-run non-profit organization founded in 2013 by medical students at Washington University in St. Louis in order to confront the surplus of unsolved clinical problems they encountered within the hospitals. Our organization brings together a diverse group of students, clinicians, and local entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize medtech solutions that ultimately improve patient health care.

Our main objectives are:

  • To make medical entrepreneurship attainable for students and physicians
  • To integrate students from the schools of medicine, business, engineering, and arts & sciences to develop novel devices and software in order to tackle unmet clinical needs.


Our organization cultivates student-led teams through a nine-month experiential program, which includes clinical assessment, prototype creation, and business development. The teams also receive opportunities to pitch in various competitions and events, including our annual U. Michigan Demo Day and National Demo Day.

Sling Health teams receive resources, support, and mentorship throughout the process. Resources include:

  • Initial funding
  • Lab, office, and workshop space
  • Prototyping tools and equipment
  • Legal services including patent and incorporation support
  • Mentorship from clinicians, industry experts, and local entrepreneurs via design reviews

If you'd like to help make our mission and program a success, we welcome you to participate, mentor teams, or submit a clinical problem.


Sudharsan Srinivasan

MSE Biomedical Engineering, UM Class of 2018 BSE Biomedical Engineering, UM Class of 2017

Allison Powell

M.D. Candidate, UM Class of 2020
MSE Biomedical Engineering 2016

Abhinav Appukutty
National Network Liason

M.D. Candidate, UM Class of 2021

Leo Li
President Emeritus

M.D. Candidate, UM Class of 2018

Mario Russo
Senior VP/
National Network Liason

BSE Biomedical Engineering, UM Class of 2018

Rachel Dick
VP Managing Director

BSE Biomedical Engineering, UM Class of 2017

Ishan Naidu
VP of Finance

BSE Biomedical Engineering, UM Class of 2019

Macauley Rybar
VP of Legal

J.D. Candidate,
UM Class of 2019

Director of Operations

Open for Application

Director of Resource Management

Open for Application



Epharmix™ provides disease-specific communication tools, improving outcomes for patients and saving providers time. Lack of patient-physician engagement decreases the effectiveness of medical interventions. Epharmix products, designed by leading physicians and clinically validated, are toll-free SMS and phone-based “interventions,” which physicians and nurses can prescribe. Epharmix operates in San Francisco (sales & research) and St. Louis (sales, research, & software development). They have raised over $1.1M.


Mindset™, an app by DataDog Health™, tackles mental health therapy access by providing anxiety interventions at moments of high stress. Mindset monitors autonomic signals through wearable technology and prompts the patient to pursue coping techniques while experiencing stress, while simultaneously recording data for review with physicians. DataDog received over $275,000 in investment and is starting clinical validation work in preparation for launch later this year.

Applied Particle Technology

Applied Particle Technology™ is improving air filtration in hospitals. Their technology will not only work substantially better than current HEPA filtration technologies, it will also cost significantly less in the long term. The filtration technology will work to filter both particulate and volatile compounds, ensuring perfectly clean air. Applied Particle Technologies has developed major corporate partnerships and recently won an Arch Grants Award and 1st place in the WUSTL Skandalaris Cup.


Gene-oscopy™ is developing a next generation colorectal cancer screening method that evaluates the mRNA in stool samples, getting rid of the need for colonoscopy in healthy patients. Patients provide a fecal sample to the doctor, the mRNA in the stool is extracted, and the expression profile of this sample determines if the patient requires further care.


CystoView™ transforms the traditional cystoscope into a digital and wireless device. Current bedside cystoscopy depends on a scope that must be looked through directly by the operator, making it uncomfortable to navigate. Other physicians are unable to see the live image, and images cannot be accessed for later review or patient education. CystoView has designed a wireless camera that reconstructs, records, and displays images on a live monitor.


Eureka™ makes patent search easier, streamlining the patenting process. Proper positioning of an initial patent can create long-term savings, both in legal fees and time. Eureka’s intuitive, graphical representation of previous and existing patent literature allows users to simply enter the desired search terms and see all related and existing patents. This enables users to see existing technologies and the areas of opportunity for new patents, providing a quicker path to refining a given product or process.